The Power of Instagram


I see a lot of posts about Instagram on the Eidos – la forza delle idee blog and I am overjoyed to jump on the bandwagon. Instagram is my social media of choice because of it’s simplicity. It has the potential to make the most mundane object look like a work of art. And the best part about it is that anyone can use it.

Here’s an idea of some of the things you may find on Instagram (enhanced with a filter, of course):
Did I mention that anyone can use it? I was amazed by this video of a blind man using the application.
Even professional photographers use it to photograph Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees for the front page of the New York Times (Sunday 31 March 2013). Some news outlets called it genius, others say it’s frightening to see the demise of professional photo journalism. I think it’s a beautiful photograph taken with cutting-edge and accessible technology.
Instagram is an open community joined together by infamous hashtags which link common topics and create conversation. In fact, I’d have to say that my followers from Milan are more active on Instagram than those I follow back home in the U.S. It’s always nice to discover something new, whether it be a restaurant or cute hidden street, through someone else’s lens. Looking forward to seeing what Milan means to you in #totemilano!

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Eidostweet: At first it may be a bit overwhelming deciding which filter to use, but it’s time to embrace Instagram.