If you thought fitting a message into 140 characters was difficult, try packing a powerful message into a 6-second video.

Vine, released by Twitter, is quickly becoming the most popular means of image sharing, even beating out my beloved Instagram at number 1 in the Apple Store. The free app was launched on Android last week and had just hit the 13 million downloads mark. This figure both surprised and delighted me. I don’t know many active Vine-rs, but I do think that this all means that people aren’t afraid to use new social apps and integrate them with their “traditional” social media accounts. Hopefully this trend will continue even further and more social media networks will be born, leading us to an even deeper state of blissful addiction.

Not convinced yet? Neither was I…until I found these 25 “Vinecation” Vine videos. These #6secondpostcards give you a feel of the energy and beauty of a new city, even if it’s just a glimpse. My travel bucket list just got a whole lot longer!

(photo: antleragency.com)

Eidos Tweet: Because postcards are so 2011.