Skype: A Friendship That Brings You To Tears

Get your tissues ready for a beautiful and emotional story that was featured in a recent Skype commercial.
The internet can be a scary and strange place, but Paige and Sarah found an unbreakable friendship without having ever met face-to-face. This if the story of two girls from opposite sides of the world – Indiana, USA and New Zealand – who were both born with an amputated arm and let nothing hold them back. Skype was their place to hang out, developing a strong friendship and confiding in each other about things like boys and makeup. Tears flow as they meet for the first time – especially from the audience watching the video at home.
As an expat, I cherish Skype for keeping me in touch with my friends and family in a way that makes me feel as if I was right there with them, especially with the upcoming holiday season. Although I won’t be at the table for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I know that I can always just Skype my way in.

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