Social Currency: #MJDaisyChain

In the age of social media, some believe that a Tweet (or any sort of social media post, for that matter) is worth more than gold. In occasion of New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs toyed with this idea for the opening of the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop in SoHo where only social currency is accepted.
From February 7 – 9, users could “purchase” perfume samples and small gifts like keychains with a Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post accompanied with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. The most artistic users were selected for more expensive prizes like handbags or sunglasses, giving them incentive to be creative and share the hashtag.
The idea was created after confirming that Daisy perfume rules the social media landscape with some of the most engaged fans. To capitalize on this brand loyalty, the fashion designer wanted to thank his fans and give them yet another reason to love the brand.
The 3-day event lured fashionistas in with giveaways, manicure bar, Photo Booth and lounge – complete with WiFi and free drinks. Some social media experts were impressed by the innovative way to raise brand awareness, create a bond with customers and create conversation. On the other hand, #MJDaisyChain was critiqued as a lame attempt to flood social media feeds. With 4,574 on Instagram alone, it’s safe to say that a considerable level of buzz was created – but does this mean more devoted Daisy fans or just plain old noise?
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Eidos Tweet: A picture is worth a thousand words… or a Marc Jacobs’ bag.