Put down your cellphone and help save a child’s life

Smartphones are changing how we interact with one another, making us distracted slaves to our mobile technology. Let’s do something about it for a good cause with relatively minimal effort – yes, even for the most severe cases – by challenging ourselves to the UNICEF Tap Project. For every ten minutes that go by without using your phone for e-mails, social media and browsing the web, the project’s donors and sponsors will donate one day of clean water to impoverished children all over the globe.

As you progress, the app will inspire you with facts about the global clean water shortage and encourage you to keep going with updates on other participants’ progress. Browsing around the features of the app won’t hinder your total time, but switching to another app or shutting off your phone will end your session. 

The genius mobile charity challenge and detox puts things into perspective: is 10 minutes on your smartphone worth saving a child’s life or catching up on your Facebook News Feed?

(photo credit: greenly.ro)

Eidos Tweet: The human spirit must prevail over technology –Albert Einstein