Love in the Time of Twitter

Back in New York a few years ago, Craigslist missed connections used to be all the rage. Posts like “we made eye contact on the 6, but you got off before I could ask your number” would get lost in millions of similar posts and have a very low success rate of actually finding that person.

Very rarely do you find these types of requests on Twitter, but one particular story about a girl meeting a boy on an airplane has been making recently headlines.  Entrepreneur and social media savvy Emily Domesek enlisted the help of American Airlines to find Clauco, who was sitting in first class on their flight from Dallas to Calgary and was “born in Torino & lives in soho.”

After some persistence (and multiple Tweets explaining th it being destiny), the airline agreed to put the two in touch. So far there are no updates on if they are living happily ever after, but I’m sure this is not the last we’ll hear of the “modern day Sleepless in Seattle”.

(photo credit: Facebook and Twitter)

Eidos Tweet: “There is bound to be someone driven mad by love… And when you do find one, observe with care, they almost always have crystals in their heart.” ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez