Social Media Wedding Concierge?


Wedding season is coming up and we definitely can not escape it. From the invitations and registries to finding the perfect dress, tuxedo and honeymoon destination, brides and grooms to be are swamped with with millions of things to check off their to do lists. The W Hotel Group in New York wants you to add yet another must-have: the Social Media Wedding Concierge to document every step of your nuptials.

For $3,000, you have have a personalized hashtag created, Pinterest boards with wish lists for gifts and honeymoon destinations, and live tweeting of your ceremony and reception (with photos and videos on Instagram and Vine, too). Here’s an e-mail the group sent out to potential clients:


The news received a strong response, mainly criticizing society’s obsession with social media and sharing personal details all over the web. Users argued that the new couple and guests should be focused on the event itself and celebrating with family and friends, given that most of their loved ones will already be at the event itself and those who aren’t invited don’t exactly need a live stream of updates. The few who supported the new project defended the W stating that the concierge service presents a valid alternative to excessive costs of professional photographers and claim that live updates are a great way to include relatives that could not attend the ceremony.

Whether you’re all for the social media wedding concierge or completely against it, I think we can all think of at lease one social media addict we know who can’t wait to sign up!

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