You should be watching #OITNB

Stop everything you’re doing and watch Orange is the New Black. With the recent launch of the second season, OITNB has been all the latest buzz both in online and offline conversations. Here are three reasons why you should get into the world of the Litchfield women’s penitentiary:

1. An amazing cast of characters, each with a unique backstory and personality. You’ll watch them form a family – with some flights along the way – and show off their strength.

2. You’ll get a glimpse of a foreign world (well, for most of us). Based on a true story, sometimes it can get a bit strong and raw, but always on point and authentic to the experience of life in a women’s prison.

3. It makes for the perfect binge weekend. You’ll laugh, cry, and become completely enraptured into their world with each episode. Each season is 13 hours long, so get ready to spend at least 2 days getting into it.

Eidos Tweet: everything is different, the second time around.